So the winters are here and your hunt for a great pair of warm, winter shoes is on? While you will find several styles of winter shoes that will fit both your style and budget, finding a right pair of mens shearling boots is often tricky and an expensive affair. If you are new to the term and the style of shoes, we help you know everything about the great style so you can choose a perfect pair of mens shearling boots for yourself.

Best Mens Shearling Boots

The word ‘Shearling’ is actually derived from the common word ‘Shearing’ that defines the process of clipping or rearing wool from Sheep. The other popular name for Shearling is Sheepskin because of its place of origin. It is the hide of a sheep that is at the most, two years old and has been tanned with the wool that was left behind on the skin and thus, is called double face or twin face. Since these are tanned and are naturally double-faced, they are more expensive when compared to the other forms of Sheepskin used in the boots.

For those, who are not willing to invest a huge amount in winter boots, there is a less expensive version of them that can still ensure enough warmth and coziness to the wearer but are definitely not a genuine pair of Shearling boots. The less expensive version of the shoes also delivers the same warmth as a genuine Shearling since the Sheep’s wool is used in the interiors of the boots. The costs are reduced marginally by using leather that is much less in cost and then gluing the wool on its insides. Thought the leather used here is less expensive, it makes for great customization since they are available in a variety of colors, prints, and textures that can make for attractive mens Shearling boots.

mens Shearling boots

A pair of Shearling boots gives you the following benefits:

  • The high-quality wool used on the insides is a naturally fibrous material that acts as a thermostat and regulates the temperature of the body.
  • It is soft and cushiony on the insides and serves as a great material for sensitive skin.
  • Not known to many, the sheep’s wool is a natural source of lanolin which is widely used in skin care products around the world.
  • Last but not the least, a pair of Shearling is an evergreen style statement and a must have in your winter wardrobe!

There is a huge variety of these high fashion boots both online and in the market as well. The buyer must do a lot of homework before buying one since there are a lot of faux versions of the boots widely selling in the market too. Even though they can be a great choice for a vegan buyer, a buyer with a genuine love for an authentic pair of Shearling boots can never be pleased with these boots that often use synthetic materials.